A Truly Modern Engineering-Based Solution

Combine the careful attention of an analogue engineering-based report with the speed and consistency of a cutting-edge software system.

Unified Workflow

The first-ever workflow application designed specifically for the Cost Segregation industry. Create your projects, do your work, and create your reports all in the same piece of software.


Seamlessly integrate the pricing data recommended directly by the IRS Cost Seg Audit Techniques Guide to make your reports bullet-proof in an audit.

Highly Customizable

Mix, Match, and Augment to Create Custom Items & Assemblies from the most reliable source data available. Integrated Labeling and Asset Classification for a streamlined workflow.

Getting Better all the Time

Cloud-based software means your projects and workspace are always available, from anywhere. And, Software iteratively redesigned to constantly exceed expectations.


Powerful Workflow Management

Combine your manual and digital processes into a single, streamlined workflow designed to improve the quality of your results while multiplying your productivity.

  • Professional and User-Friendly Software
  • Store Project Data Centrally and Comprehensively for at-your-fingertips Recall
  • Multiply Production Efforts with Impressive Data Entry Innovation
  • Use the Best Data to Produce the Most Comprehensive Report in the Industry
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  • Powerful Workflow Management
  • Constant Improvement

    We are committed to setting the Industry and IRS Standards for Cost Segregation Reports.

    • Seamless IRS Audit Techniques Guide Approved Data Integration
    • Super Flexible Framework Allows for Specific Data Customizations
    • Built-In Labeling and Asset Classification
    • Background Calculations Auto-Balance takeoffs against Provided Costs
    • Squeeze Your Numbers At the Touch of a Button
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  • Constant Improvement
  • Custom Reports

    Get the best workflow system available and generate Your report, at the click of a button.

    • Integrate the Data Sources Recommended by the IRS Audit Techniques Guide
    • Integrated Labels and Asset Classifications Feed Directly into Reports
    • Custom Report Formatting
    • One-Click Report Generation
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  • Custom Reports