SegStream was born out of our founders’ shared need to produce Cost Segregation studies more efficiently and ultimately, more profitably.

The journey began in 2017 with a focus on translating the engineering-based method of Cost Segregation Analysis into a precise, consistent, and enjoyable software process for Cost Segregation engineers.

Shortly after the release of that first product, and recognizing the tremendous opportunity for continuous innovation in the space, the team decided to begin a more ambitious project: developing the first Cost Segregation software made for Accounting & Specialty Tax Professionals.

Today with a team of dedicated engineers, architects, and software developers, SegStream continues to push the boundaries on what advanced Cost Segregation Automation Software can accomplish.


Richard Bourgault, BSEE, PMP

Head of Product / Co-founder

Upon graduating from Georgia Tech with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Richard began his Cost Segregation career working for Ernst & Morris Consulting, one of the very first firms to specialize in Cost Segregation in the entire country.

At Ernst & Morris, Richard learned the engineering-based Cost Segregation method as well as industry best practices from some of the pioneers of the industry, laying the foundation of knowledge for developing SegStream.

In 2017, after more than a decade performing Cost Segregation studies and experience in roles from software user experience to software product management, Richard co-founded SegStream with the aim of tackling the many inefficiencies he encountered while producing Cost Segregation studies for use in his personal Cost Seg practice.

After leading the initial product development, exclusively for Cost Segregation engineers, he turned the focus of the company toward creating the very first Cost Segregation automation software, specifically designed for Accountants and Specialty Tax Professionals.

Richard continues to spearhead SegStream product development with a focus on innovation and a strong belief that, through custom software development, Cost Segregation can continuously be made less laborious while simultaneously increasing in quality.